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Usage Instructions


The recommend way for installing the module, is to use built-in Orchard package manager. However, you can also download and manually install module NuGet package from the official Orchard gallery, or from the Downloads section of the project website on the CodePlex. You can also download source files and upload them to the Modules directory of your Orchard website.


Orchard.CulturePicker module is dependent on the following modules:
  • Settings (core)
  • Orchard.Widgets (core)
  • Orchard.Localization (basic, disabled by default)

Note: Since Orchard v1.1 missed dependencies do not cause compilation errors, and you will be notified about them.

How To Use

1. Install Orchard.Localization module and enable Localization feature.
2. Install Orchard.CulturePicker module and enable at least CulturePicker feature.
3. Provide localizations for your content (pages without localizations will not be visible in the website main menu).

After succesfully installing module and enabling CulturePicker feature, a new widget becomes available. You can add CulturePickerWidget to the Default layer, for example. So, the widget will be accessible on the every page of your website front-end.
By default, widget displays dropdown list with available site cultures (they can be edited in the Orchard settings). Yon can easily override rendering of the widget in your theme by providing an alternate for /Parts/CulturePicker.cshtml view.

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