Language change widget

Topics: Feature requests
Jul 11, 2012 at 5:54 PM

The Culture Picker works very well, it is indeed the very first implementation i've seen in many (also big and blasoned) CMS that works the way a site needs to! Well done.

A nice improvement would be that the drop down (or whatever control is choosen) is populated only by the languages that actually have contents, i mean:

the site has four languages: it, fr, en, de

page A has: it, fr translations

page B has: it, fr, de translations

When page A is displayed the drop down contains  it, fr; when page B is displayed the drop down contains it, fr, de. 

It would not create disorientation in visitors due to the fact that they believe to be able to switch on a language which is not actually available (i.e: en for page A)