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CulturePicker Module Overview

CulturePicker module it`s an easy-to-use extension, that aimed to solve some well-known issues with localization in Orchard.


Main features

  • Provides a widget, that allows user (even anonymous) to select a preffered culture from from a list of available site cultures. Selected user culture has a higher priority, than the current (default) site culture
  • Provides "user-friendly" culture names by default, instead of displaying culture codes
  • Browser cookie is used for storing user culture between sessions
  • Main Menu items filtering (displaying only menu items for the current culture)
  • Automatically redirects user to the localized content route, when culture is changed
  • Automatically redirects user to the localized homepage, when accessing website root URL

What is not implement currently

  • Automatic list items filtering (displaying only list items for the current culture);

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zuhairjawish Nov 10, 2013 at 12:15 PM 
The culture picker widget not working on Widgets page for version 1.7.1 as it's work on version 1.6